Volunteer Profile – Lita Lewis

Board Member Linda Johnson Interviews long-time Hospitality volunteer Lita Lewis.

Lita Lewis helping her community
Lita Lewis helping her community

Lita was born on February 18, 1930 to Jose and Alameda Perez. She had one sibling, her brother Rickey. Lita married in 1951 and had 5 children: Karen; Michael; Dawn; Alan; and Lita Louise. She is blessed with 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. When asked what is the best thing about being a parent, Lita replied: ” I really enjoyed seeing my children grow up to be good citizens. They grew up to be social and could converse with anyone.”

Lita lived in Los Alamitos for 20 years while working at Mc Donald Douglas in electronics. She loved her job. When a friend moved into Leisure World, Lita started looking for a place and moved here in 1992. In 1996, she retired from her job and a new life began. She joined the Swim Club and traveled with Jerry Bender’s group. She has been in all but 14 states and has been to Europe several times. She loved the times traveling with her friends in the Swim Club.

In 1999, Golden Age started the Hospitality program in Clubhouse 3. Lita remembers Fran, Julie and Joan as the beginning leaders. Lita is one of the original volunteers and is still volunteering in Hospitality. Lita’s daughter-in-law, Mary Lewis, was the first to donate sweets for the program. Through Mary, Lita is able to pick up pizza from Pizza Hut and serve it on Friday in Hospitality.¬†As a team leader, Lita arrives early to open the kitchen, starts making the coffee, unlocks all the cupboards, and sets up the counter for service to begin at 9 A.M. Lita has always taken on a leadership role.

Lita volunteers many places besides Hospitality. She is a member of the Impaired Vision and Hearing Club where she assists in serving refreshments, and also helps with the Golden Age flu clinic. Lita also attends Holy Family Catholic Church in Leisure World.

When asked what she likes best about volunteering, she replied: “I like to give back to the community. To be able to help people not only helps them, but it also helps me and gives me a feeling that I have value and it gives me confidence.” Even though Lita’s big travels are probably in the past, she still takes small trips and will be taking one soon. She enjoyed reading, particularly inspirational and self-help books.



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