October 7 Flu Clinic Attracts Many Shareholders

Volunteers Bruce and Margaret Humes, Sandy Goldfarb and Carol Piepenburg assist residents with special mobility needs
Volunteers Ren Villanueva and Tony Dodero Greet Shareholders at the Flu Clinic

The annual Flu Clinic, sponsored by the Health Care Center on Golden Rain Road and supported by Golden Age volunteers, attracted many shareholders on Friday, October 7. The goal of the flu clinic is to protect as many people as possible from getting the flu this coming winter and spring. Having a high percentage of residents protected from the flu also is vital in halting the spread of the flu virus. There is a concept in public health called “herd immunity”, which essentially states that the if a large enough percentage of the “herd” (that’s people as well as animals) are immune to a communicable disease, such as the flu virus, it becomes more difficult for the disease to spread. Seniors have a high risk of getting serious and even life threatening complications from the flu, so it’s especially important for as many people in the Leisure World community to be immunized – both for their sake and for the sake of others. If you haven’t yet had a flu shot, talk to your doctor or go to one of the local pharmacies to get one. Medicare reimburses local pharmacies for the cost of flu immunizations.

Following the traditional “opening few minutes flurry,” shareholders moved very quickly through the process. Many Golden Age volunteers worked all day to help shareholders. Immunizations were given by student nurses from Cal State University Long Beach, and Long Beach Community College. Thanks to Marge Dodero, Golden Age Chair for the flu clinic, for organizing the volunteer support group and for making sure everything ran smoothly. A big thanks also goes to the indomitable Lita Lewis, who manned her station at Hospitality all day long to provide beverages and snacks for the volunteers.

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