Focus on Golden Age Foundation Members – Betty Coven, our Amazon Smile Cheerleader


By Marge Dodero, Golden Age “Storyteller”

May I introduce you to Betty Coven. I first met her at the Friday Sunshine Club, where we read the Golden Rain News, listen to great speakers and enjoy refreshments. I really liked Betty. She made some good comments, wasn’t a YES LADY, and could speak her mind!  I told her I was a Golden Age director and explained how much our volunteer organization depends on steady financial support. I asked Betty if she was interested in volunteering for Golden Age, as we always need new people to contribute their time or money or both. Betty laughed and told me she only had so much time and money and she needed to spend wisely.  She said she would consider being involved with Golden Age after she finishes her term as her President of her Mutual.

A hard worker all her life, Dr. Betty Coven is a licensed psychologist who practiced for many years. Now retired, she wants to enjoy her life just like everyone else. She no longer drives and plans ways to supply her needs without a car. She now orders everything on line, primarily from Betty already knew that she could support us by using Amazon Smile and selecting the Golden Age Foundation as her designated charity. She even gave me directions…go to for a complete list of participating non-profit organizations and either open an account or go to your established one. Scroll down to Golden Age Foundation (already listed) and order to your heart’s content. You get your order at your door in a remarkably short time and Golden Age gets a small percentage of every purchase.

Golden Age hopes to receive up to $800 this year from the Amazon Smile program. Nine thousand people live in Leisure World. If 50% of them used Amazon Smile to purchase holiday gifts, as well as shopping throughout the year and encouraged their family and friends to do so, our community could significantly increase the amount of rebates to Golden Age. In turn the Foundation will use these funds to benefit all of us. Thanks to Betty Coven for being an Amazon Smile customer who has designated the Golden Age Foundation as her favorite charity. For more information on Amazon Smile, please visit our website at



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