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Friendships form at the Hospitality Center

The Golden Age Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization formed  in 1973. It’s purpose is to make our community a better and happier place in which to live. Through the generosity of individuals in our community, we are able to provide various programs and projects. All Golden Age programs are provided free to Leisure World shareholders, and the Foundation is entirely staffed by resident volunteers. Our major income source is contributions from shareholders, either individually or through clubs and organizations. In 2016, we received our first grant from the Boeing Employees Community Fund.


Could you use a Medicare “checkup”? Each year Medicare benefits change and it’s very helpful for people on Medicare to see if they are in the best plan for them and understand all the benefits to which they are entitled. Are you aware that, depending on your income, you may qualify for one of several benefits for seniors on Medicare.

In 2016, Golden Age partnered with  the Council on Aging Orange County to sponsor Medicare Counseling and a Benefits Enrollment Center, right here in Leisure World in Clubhouse 5, next to the Cafe. Shareholders who are single and whose monthly income is $1,605 or less or married couples with a monthly income is $2,163 or less may qualify for one of these benefits:

  • Medicare Part D Extra Help/Low Income Subsidy program – pass for Part D plan premiums, reduces drug co-pays and eliminates the Donut-Hole
  • Medicare Savings Program – pays Medicare premiums
  • Medi-Cal for people with Medicare – supplements Medicare by paying deductible and co-pays
  • Cal Fresh/Food Stamps – access nutritious food and alleviate hunger
  • Utilities Assistance – access savings to help with home heating and cooling costs

To make an appointment with a trained Council on Aging counselor for unbiased Medicare information, call 562-472-0275

Borrow a wheelchair, a walker or a transporter at no cost. Over 500 mobility aids  are loaned out each year by volunteers. To request this service or return a mobility aid, call (562) 431-9589. The Mobility Aids storeroom, open from 12:30 P.M. to 2:30 P.M. on weekdays, is located on the first floor of Clubhouse 6, behind the table-tennis area.

Have your basic income taxes prepared by qualified volunteers. Every year hundreds of
shareholders file their income tax returns with the assistance of qualified volunteer preparers…free of charge.

Golden Age Foundation assists the onsite Health Care Center on Golden Rain Road in providing an annual flu clinic. Each year hundreds of shareholders receive flu shots with the assistance of many Golden Age volunteers. Each year the dates of the clinic are published in the Golden Rain News.

Golden Age pays for the collection and safe disposal of used batteries and fluorescent light bulbs.Drop off your used batteries at the Hospitality Center in Clubhouse 6 and/or the News Office. Dispose of used florescent light bulbs at the Service Maintenance Yard. In 2015, Golden Age paid for the safe collection and disposal of approximately 2,000 pounds of batteries and fluorescent light bulbs. We also collect small used batteries at document shedding events.


Over 45,000 residents each year stop by the Hospitality center to visit old friends and make new friends.


Volunteers Maria Bogart and Kyung Shik Yun welcome guests



Eli and Harry sharing computer skills


Dolores and her caregiver Joy visit in the Hospitality Center

Every Monday – Friday between 9 to 11 am, Golden Age sponsors a Hospitality Center in Clubhouse 6. Coffee and tea are served to residents who drop by to visit their fellow shareholders. Golden Age volunteers are on hand to welcome you.




Golden Age Board member Lynn Baidack helps with document shredding.

We are proud to sponsor regular document shredding in the Clubhouse 2 parking lot. Dates for shredding are published in the Golden Rain News and via e-mail blasts to Golden Age members. In addition to secure disposal of documents, we also have containers for small batteries on hand (another Golden Age sponsored program).




When there is a well-defined need calling for a solution, Golden Age will fill it whenever possible.

Here are some examples of needs that Golden Age has met:

  • Handicapped Accessible Buses
  • Outside Community Bus Services
  • Bus Benches & Shelter
  • Clubhouse 6 Exercise Equipment
  • Audio-Alert Traffic Signal
  • Interfaith Council Directory Sign
  • Emergency Communications System
  • Ice Machines and Sound Equipment for Clubhouses