Annual Meeting Minutes – June, 2016

GOLDEN AGE FOUNDATION ANNUAL MEETING JUNE 23, 2016 The Annual Meeting of the Golden Age Foundation was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by Maureen Habel, President. ROLL CALL: L. Baidack, G. Baker, R. Carrillo, A. Derby, C. Green, M. Habel, M. Haines, B. Humes, L. Johnson, D. Lambert, G. Levitt, P. Mackey, C. Piepenburg, J. Reed, L. Vienna, M. Wood ABSENT: M. Dodero, D. Parker, R. Villanueva, GUEST: Keith Bague and friend Ray from the Computer Club sat in on the meeting to observe what our needs would be for future programing, and possible help with our Web Site. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Moved by Bruce Humes and seconded by Gail Levitt and carried unanimously: TO: accept the June 24, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes as presented Three abstentions: Lynn Baidack, Marilyn Haines, Dianna Lambert PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS/CORRESPONDENCE…………………Maureen Habel Good afternoon, and welcome to our Annual Meeting. Let’s begin by thanking our Social Chair Rosa Carrillo for arranging today’s event. Thank you so much, Rosa, and a big thank you also to everyone on the Board who helped make today’s luncheon such a fun event. I know our volunteers enjoyed it immensely. This is our time to look back on our Board’s accomplishments over the past year. I would like to thank each Board member for the many hours he or she has devoted to doing the business of our organization. We have had some significant achievements and challenges in this past year. We continue to increase the amount of funding we are obtaining through the AmazonSmile program. We launched our first Website and look forward to having this being an important communication vehicle for the future. We partnered with the Council on Aging Orange County to fund a Benefits Enrollment Center in Clubhouse 5. We expect that this endeavor will help many lower income Leisure World shareholders. Thanks to our newest Board member, Lynn Baidack, we were invited to apply for a Boeing grant. We hope to help offset the cost of funding the Benefits Enrollment Center with the grant. We are awaiting news on whether or not our application will be successful. In January, Gail Levitt generously agreed to take over the Hospitality program. Gail ran this huge program very successfully until this spring, when Linda Johnson and a previous Board president Joan Shramek, took over. We owe Gail a huge debt of gratitude for Page 2 June 23, 2016 stepping up to the plate to help manage this very important program. The tax program also started in January. Diana Lambert, our new tax program chair, with the able assistance of Phyllis Mackey, has truly turned this program around. Bruce Humes implemented new procedures with Mobility Aids that have decreased costs and streamlined the program. This was the first year that we did no pay for unreimbursed flu shot costs. This was a huge change for us and for the community. Thank you to Marge Dodero, assisted by Gail Levitt and Anna Derby, who attended innumerable meetings explaining the changes to shareholder groups. Their efforts resulted in a flu clinic day with no problems – this was no small feat given the magnitude of the change. Due to changes at the Health Care Center, we are no longer involved with the Lifeline program. Golden Age was committed to this program for 25 years and it was hard to see it go. Cherrie Green, as usual, did a wonderful job making a smooth transition for the handover. We participated in 2 expos this spring and did membership drives at each of them, bringing in a total of 88 new members. As a result of the interest in membership, we will be convening a Membership Committee, whose goals will be to set targets for increasing our membership and promoting our presence in the community. To do this, we will most certainly need to take advantage of software programs that help us manage and build an energetic membership and supporter base. I would like to thank all of our Program chairs for the great job they have done trimming costs and keeping expenses in line. However, we continue to have challenges bringing in sufficient income to balance our budget or to consider new program commitments. The next few years will present great opportunities for us to change and grow with the community. The demographics of Leisure World are changing dramatically, and to be a viable organization for the future, we will need to change as well. We will need to devote more energy to fund raising efforts and to energizing the community to support us. We will need to develop a few new Board positions to work in a support role to make sure we have the necessary financial and human resources. We will need to spend some money to make money. We will need to continue to recruit Board members with technological, marketing, and development skills. I know there are people in our community with these skills who would love to join our team, and I know that we have the capacity to find and recruit them. Thanks to each of you, I have every confidence that we can face the future with confidence, continuing to serve the special needs of our community. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY REPORT………………………….Lynn Lieder I sent 2 thank you letters for June one for a $500 donation from Helen Cohn and one for a $10,100 donation for a bus shelter from Valerie Jorgenson. For the year I sent a total of 78 thank you letters for donations over $100.00. Page 3 June 23, 2016 I am so looking forward to this next year and the many exciting changes discussed. GAF is such a wonderful organization and brings so many services to the seniors in our community. I am honored to be a part of the board. FINANCIAL REPORT……………………………………………………..Mary Wood The Treasurer’s Report for the June Annual 2016 was reviewed – a copy is attached with the permanent monthly report. Moved by Dianna Lambert and seconded by Lynn Vienna and carried unanimously TO: approve the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit. COMMITTEE REPORTS ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM: Joyce Reed’s annual report is attached. FLU CLINIC: Marge Dodero submitted the following report: October 2015 Flu Clinic was a successful joint effort of GAF and the Health Care Center. This year the flu shots were offered at no charge to any patient registered at the Health Care Center. The Health Care center managed all financial arrangements and recruited student nurses from nearby medical centers. GAF provided all the volunteers necessary to get the job done. This was a policy change and GAF board members explained the new policies at mutual meetings and various club meetings. In formation was written in the Leisure World Paper. It was a satisfying day, thousands received their flu shot in a timely manner and many residents complimented the volunteers and GAF. Our financial output was limited to the amount necessary for posters. GRAPHIC ARTS – Ren Villanueva: Excused absence, reported for jury duty. No report this month. Gail Levitt reported that they have been looking at table cloths that go to the floor and will probably purchase one for around $30.00. Words will be put on the cloth after the purchase has been made. HISTORY BOOK: Lynn Baidack reported that she has been kept up on updating the history book and the info from today’s luncheon is in the book. History Book has been updated. Articles Included are: Annual Meeting Volunteer Luncheon Golden Age Foundation sells Raffle tickets at Thursday Movie GAF President Maureen Habel is Guest Speaker at Sunshine Club Page 4 June 23, 2016 HOSPITALITY CENTER: Linda Johnson/Gail Levitt submitted the following report: For the past year of March 2015 through February 2016, we accomplished the following: 45,826 GUESTS SERVED 6,035 VOLUNTEER HOURS 255 SERVICE DAYS For this next year, we hope to give the team leaders more responsibility for their day. I hope to have a meeting with the team leaders and speak to them about this. LIFELINE: Cherrie Green submitted the following report: This is definitely the last Lifeline Report you will be listening to! During this past year the activities of the Lifeline Program were beginning to wind down and the crushing blow was when the Medical Center Accounting Department finally concluded they could no longer handle the Lifeline business as they were losing money because of people who did not pay their bills. The final decision was that as of February 1st there would be no more involvement of GAF Volunteers with the Lifeline Program and we were to return everything we had on hand to Philips. That involved packing and listing everything to send back which resulted in 8 boxes of inventory. Philips finally decided to send us the FedEx Labels to put on the boxes, which meant they were paying for all of the boxes to be sent – a great deal! Everything was boxed and ready to leave on March 1st. On that date, the Golf Cart was also turned over to the Rolling Thunder Organization and they gave us $1,500 for it. The rest of the Office “Stuff” was either taken by the Volunteers or given to the Goodwill. We had a Luncheon for all of the Volunteers and Office Staff who helped us to close off the 12 years we personally worked with the Lifeline Program. MEMBERSHIP BOARD: No report this month MEMBERSHIP GENERAL: Gui Baker submitted the following report: For the period from June 2015 through May 2016 got a total of 203 Acknowledgements were mailed to Golden Age Foundation members and supporters. These include: 66 General Donation – 130 Membership – 0 Hospitality – 4 Mobility – 3 Memorials Page 5 June 23, 2016 The 2 expos on April 23 the LW Farmer’s Market and on May 21-The Leisure World Community Expo, sponsored by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce and Golden Rain Foundation both gave us great opportunity to have a membership drive. The 2 expos recruited 88 members. MOBILITY AIDS/MESSAGE COORDINATOR: Bruce Humes reported the following: In an effort to minimize costs and effectively utilize an aging and reduced number of able bodied volunteers, we implemented two procedural changes in March of this year. First, to minimize costs we reduced the longevity for which a shareholder/resident can borrow a mobility aid device. We no longer loan devices out for an indefinite period. But limit this period of time to six months. We recommend to those needing a device for periods exceeding six months to talk to their PCP and have them prescribe a mobility aid device meeting their needs to their HCP. Second, we modified our delivery and pick-up procedure. We no longer deliver mobility aids, however, we still pick-up, that process has not changed. In lieu of delivering, we now staff the storeroom from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Mon-Fri except for holidays. Shareholders/residents are now required to come to the storeroom, identify what they need, complete the request form and receive the mobility aid. Activity remains brisk, on average we loan out 15 – 20 wheelchairs and 15 – 20 walkers monthly. Returns are consistent with the numbers. We are holding our own. Cherrie Green being brand new to the chair of Message Coordinator had no report for the year. PUBLICITY: Anna Derby submitted the following report: This report represents the activities of the Publicity Chair from June 2015 through June16, 2016. GAF PUBLICITY ANNUAL REPORT – June 2015 This report represents the activities of the Publicity Chairmen from June 2015 through June16, 2016. The actual number of items carried in the Leisure World News for the past year, was 49. Significantly, there were additional items regarding and our partnership with the Council On Aging Orange County HICAP program including a Benefits Enrolment Center. Page 6 June 23, 2016 These included an assortment of articles, photos, and forms. Coverage was given to the GAF five major programs; appeals were made for membership, volunteers and donations; GAF events were given pre-publicity along with the customary follow-up reporting; donors were given photo captioned recognition; a full page financial report was updated to include both volunteer and resident images; two memorial bus shelters were introduced with photos; website were created to further explain projects and programs; members are open to attend monthly board meeting; while encouraging shareholders to bring their own mugs to Hospitality periodically. Overall numerous opportunities were offered to acquaint the community with the mission and work of the Golden Age Foundation, GAF. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Rosa Carrillo submitted the following report: It was wonderful working with the board members the luncheon turned out great. I am looking forward to the October dinner SUNSHINE REPORT: Lynn Vienna submitted the following report One card was sent to Anna on the loss of her brother. TAX PROGRAM: Diana Lambert thanked the Board for the special recognition, also stating that we filled up three tables at the luncheon Phyllis Mackey submitted the following Annual Tax Report: The Income Tax program was headed for the year 2015 by Diana Lambert, a recent newcomer to Leisure World. Diana worked with our program the previous year and had retired from the IRS. We were very happy that she accepted the position of Local Coordinator. Our volunteer preparers attended training sessions in January 2016 preparing them to take the required IRS test. Articles were placed in the Leisure World paper asking for volunteers to fill our need for tax preparers and appointment makers. The appointment ladies work one day each week out of their homes. They deserve a big pat on the back for the time spent making these calls. Some people require more than one call. I estimate that we receive over one thousand calls for appointments or tax help. The program ended on April 13, 2016 with 660 federal and 660 state returns e-filed. There were 19 paper returns for amendments or prior year needs. Additionally approximately 117 more residents were helped with tax questions. Diana has done an exceptional job this year. We want to thank Ken Cude and the Golden Rain staff for helping us with solutions to problems during our program. We are looking forward to getting more preparers from the Leisure World residents in the future. Page 7 June 23, 2016 NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Members of the Nominating Committee Joyce Reed, Cherrie Green and Bruce Humes of the nominating committee submitted the following slate of officers for the 2016-2017 years: Maureen Habel, President, Anna Derby, Vice President, Carol Piepenburg Recording Secretary, Lynn Vienna Corresponding Secretary, Mary Wood, Treasurer. A unanimous vote for the slate as presented. OLD BUSINESS: Anna gave a report on the movie 50/50 drawing that it is going better now. We are waiting on Boeing for a report on the grant. NEW BUSINESS: Marilyn Haines submitted her report on the Outside Bus Support. After a discussion, it was decided “to discontinue financial support provided by the Golden Age Foundation for outside bus transportation managed by the city of Seal Beach as of August 1, 2016, contingent upon clarification of any obligations to the city, and the opportunity to notify Leisure World shareholders of this change. Moved by Diana Lambert, and seconded by Gail Levitt and carried unanimously. Maureen presented her slate of new board positions which includes: Membership Cochairs, Gui Baker and Lynn Baidack, and Co-chairs for the Events/Outreach are Gail Levitt/Lynn Baidack. This position includes the shredding project, expos, movies and amazon/smile. Motion made by Cherrie Green and seconded by Anna Derby and carried to accept these changes for the GAF Board and carried unanimously Maureen presented her info on Wild Apricot program, which is a foundation management software program. Linda Stone would be willing to help us get the program started. A motion was made to buy the Wild Apricot program for a period of one year from July 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017 at a cost of $70 per month minus 10%. Moved by Anna Derby and seconded by Lynn Baidack, and carried unanimously by the Board. It was the consensus of the Board to create a non-voting Advisory Director position for the GAF Board. Upon approval of this position, Linda Stone will be invited to serve as an Advisory Director. Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m. Respectively submitted Carol Piepenburg, Recording Secretary The next regular meeting will be held on July 27, 2016