2019 Donation Presentations

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Filipino Association of Leisure World

Sunshine Club

Run Seal Beach

Korean American Association

L.W. Korean Community Church

Seal Beach Sa-Rang Church


Filipino Association of Leisure World Presents GAF Donation 2019 04/14

Anna Derby, president of Golden Age Foundation graciously accepted donation of $1,000 from Filipino Association of Leisure World (FALW )at their April 14, monthly meeting.

Photo from L to R:Ric Dizon, Ed Bolos, Eileen Merritt, Essie Hicks, Anna Derby, GAF president, Anne Andreatta and Ren Villanueva

FALW was established in August 2009. The mission was to build a better relationship in a diverse community. It is a non-profit charitable organization geared to support the needs of the Leisure World community. The main objective is to help Golden Age Foundation programs in assisting the needs of the community. At present, there are 63 paid and active members of the association. To be a member, you must be a bona fide resident of Leisure World. FALW have two fundraising events in a year, Annual Luau-Dinner Dance in September and Valentines Ball in February. FALW support and host the annual picnic for all veterans residing in Leisure World. They sponsored a Health and Medical Mission after the worst weather calamity in the Philippines in 2014. FALW renounces violence as an instrument of organizational policy and adhere to a policy of peace, justice, freedom, cooperation and unity with all organizations and individuals.

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Sunshine Club Supports Golden Age Foundation 2019 06/30

The Sunshine Club designated the Golden Age Foundation as its charitable organization and presented Golden Age Foundation President Anna Derby a check for $500. The club raises money for refreshments by hosting bus trips. Excess money is donated to Golden Age.

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Run Seal Beach Presents Donation to GAF 2019 07/04

The Golden Age Foundation has been awarded a generous grant from Run Seal Beach to purchase replacement four-wheel walkers for use by Leisure World residents. 

Run Seal Beach has sponsored runs for the past 45 years using the funds that it raises to support a wide variety of community groups. Residents of LW can borrow a variety of mobility aids Monday to Friday, 12:30-2:30 p.m. from the Mobility Aids Storeroom located in Clubhouse 6 on the first floor near the west exit.

 In addition to four-wheel walkers, residents can also borrow tennis ball-style walkers, knee walkers, wheelchairs and transport chairs, all at no charge. 

Run Seal Beach’s next run is March 24, 2020. This year’s run had runners ranging in age 6-83 with a quite a number of older runners. 

There were some familiar Leisure World names in the race results. It’s a fun event, so lace up your running shoes and start training for next year’s run. Even some families run together.

 Like the Golden Age Foundation, Run Seal Beach is staffed only by volunteers, numbering 400 this year. If your running days are behind you, volunteering to help for a day is a wonderful experience. 

-by John Hlavac, Mobility Aids Chair

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Korean American Association donation to Golden Age Foundation 2019 09/12

From left to right:   Yong Pyon, Chairman of Board of KAA; Anna Derby GAF Board, Carole Damoci President of GAF,  Wook Jang Cho, President of KAA, and Won Sik Ryu, Secretary & Treasurer.

Korean American Association (KAA)  of L.W. presented  Golden Age Foundation (GAF) President Carole Damoci and Board member Anna Derby with a $1,000 check for community projects as President Wook Jang Cho, Secretary, Chairman of Board look on.  The GAF depends on donations from L.W. clubs, churches, and organizations in addition to bequests to funds its many programs.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit charitable organization, and tax exempt ID  No. 23-7273105.

The purpose of Korean American Association is to coordinate the activities of fellowship, to exchange information together, to foster Korean culture and to promote the principles of good citizenship and encourage community service.

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L.W. Korean Community Church Donation Supports Golden Age Foundation 2019 09/12

Anna Derby, Golden Age Foundation president with Pastor Jang Y. Yong  and Elder Henry Kim

L.W. Korean Community Church has been supporting the Golden Age Foundation since they moved in 2017. 

L.W. Korean Community Church celebrated  two years in L.W. on June 2nd this year and they have Sunday service at 12:00 in L.W. Community Church.

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Seal Beach Sa-Rang Church Donation 2019 12/19

Anna Derby, Publicity Chair of Golden Age Foundation graciously accepted a donation from Seal Beach Sa-Rang Church. From L to R; Pastor Kyo Min Son; Anna Derby, GAF Representative; Pastor Young K. Lee.

Seal Beach Sa-Rang Church has Sunday service at 11:00 in CH 3 Lobby The church began their service in 2004. 

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