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GAF Distributes Donated Masks to Residents and Employees of GRF

AARP Tax Program

Drop Off Shredding Service is Happening March 4

The Difference Between the GRF and GAF

GAF Distributes Donated Masks to Residents and Employees of GRF

February, 2021

The Golden Age Foundation has received another generous donation of disposable face masks from Global Specialty Services.   Global Specialty Services, located in Dallas, is a rapid-response contractor specializing in environmental response & disaster recovery assisting all levels of government.  

This brings the total number of 3 PLY Disposable Face Masks donated by Global Specialty Services to 24,000.  The Foundation has continued to work with the Golden Rain Foundation to distribute these masks to those shareholders who may have been unable to obtain masks as well as those who work behind the scene in Leisure World providing much needed services to our community. 

With this additional donation we have been able to provide masks to our Club House custodial staff and their families as well as our landscaping companies and gardeners.

We are grateful we can help to insure the safety of our community by providing masks to all those who work here.

The Golden Age Foundation extends our deep gratitude to Mr. Larry Dunn, CEO of Global Specialty Services who generously donated these masks and Mr. Michael Rettig who facilitated the donation.

Submitted by Anna Derby, President Golden Age Foundation

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AARP Tax Program

The AARP Tax Program sponsored by the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) will open on March 8, 2021 subject to BOD approval at the February 23rd board meeting.  We plan to be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings through April 14, 2021.  You must have an appointment.  No Walk-ins are allowed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The program will work a little differently this year.  After you schedule an appointment, you will be sent an Intake/Interview sheet and other documents to complete at home before your appointment.  These Interview sheets will NOT be available at the Library this year.  

At your appointment, you will be interviewed using the Intake/Interview sheet wearing a mask and following the socially distancing rules.  This will be done on the patio of Clubhouse 3 outside of the new Learning Center across from the Library.  The AARP volunteer will scan all of your documents to a secure server.   After the documents are scanned, they will be returned to you and you will schedule an appointment to return the following week to pick-up your completed federal and state returns. 

Your returns will be prepared and Quality Reviewed by IRS-certified Tax-aide counselors working at home using your scanned documents.  Only the counselors assigned to your return will have access to your scanned documents.  The electronic files will be restricted to view only.  The Tax-aide will be unable to copy, print, share or download the file.  All returns will be prepared using Tax Slayer Pro Online software over a secure Internet connection.  

When you return, we will review the completed return with you and secure your signature on the documents that allow us to e-file your return.  After the return is finalized, it will be e-filed that day and your scanned documents will be deleted within 48 hours after being accepted by IRS and the Franchise Tax Board.  

Some returns do not meet our Scope guidelines and we will not be able to prepare them.  We will only prepare returns for full-year residents of California for 2020.  If you are married, you must file a Married Filed Joint return.  We do not prepare returns with Rental Property or sale of anything other than your California residence or stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.   

New Scope restrictions:  We will NOT prepare any Schedule C’s for Self-employed individuals.  If you have a Broker statement for the sale of stock or other commodities, it cannot exceed 15 pages.  We will not prepare any Amended returns for 2020 or prior years.  If you received a distribution from an IRA or retirement plan and plan to include the amount in income over the next 3 years OR plan to repay the amount in 3 years, we will not prepare your return.

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Drop Off Shredding Service Happening March 4

GAF Shredding Service  in CH 2 parking on Thursday, March 4th, with drop and go only, no line to wait, 

Golden Age Foundation (GAF)  sponsors free shredding service and will be in the CH 2 parking lot to help shareholders with shredding, on Thursday, March 4th, between 10:00 and noon. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we’re experiencing, social distancing is strictly enforced and shareholders must wear a face mask when they drop off their shredding materials.

GAF would like to remind all that the following rules are in order to have shredding service possible. 

All shareholders are asked to drop and go.

No cardboard boxs will be allowed.

Only plastic or brown recycle bag will be allowed.

There will be no chairs on which to sit, no line will be allowed.

GAF volunteers will guard bags until the truck arrives to shred onsite. 

For better shredding service, we would like to remind shareholders:

Remove staples and paper clips.

No electronic devices will be accepted. 

Contaminated bags will be turned away.

Recycle Batteries

Golden Age Foundation also sponsors small battery disposal. Bring any consumer used batteries to the shredding event for disposal.

No printer cartridges, hearing aids batteries please.

The next shredding date will be in July 2021 and will be announced through L.W. Weekly.

The Golden Age Foundation is an independent nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to serving the residents of Seal Beach Leisure World. Its purpose is to make our community a better and happier place in which to live. The Foundation was established in 1973 and is not affiliated with the Golden Rain Foundation. 

All Golden Age programs are provided free to Leisure World shareholders. The Foundation is entirely staffed by volunteers, so all contributions go directly to meeting community needs. The generous support of shareholders, residents, clubs organizations and businesses is the main source of income. The Foundation’s programs and projects are made possible by the volunteer efforts of so many. 

Donations are welcome. 

Any question, please contact Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339.

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Learn the Difference Between the GRF and GAF

Despite having very similar names, the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) and the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) are two completely separate organizations.

The Golden Rain Foundation is the non-profit corporation that manages the shared property of Leisure World. This corporation has employees; an executive director, Randy Ankeny; and a board of directors that sit on numerous committees, such as recreation, physical property, finance, communications and security, among others.

Every resident of Leisure World is a member of the GRF, which is why residents are called shareholders. The Golden Rain Foundation is funded by a portion of your monthly carrying charge.

The Golden Age Foundation, on the other hand, operates separately from the GRF.

The GAF is, legally speaking, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It has a small board of directors. Every person in the organization is a volunteer with no paid staff.

Our mission is to make the community a better and happier place in which to live. The GAF’s funding is dependent on contributions. When we get a large bequest, which happens occasionally, it usually is designated for a specific project.

The next time you are at the gym, take a look at the plaque on the wall next to the elevator. The gym equipment was mostly provided in 2013 by a bequest from Jack Schiffler funneled through our organization. Because the GAF doesn’t have employees, it works with the Golden Rain Foundation, who pays the staff that makes the gym run smoothly and efficiently.

When we don’t get a large bequest like the one for the gym equipment, we still strive to make life better using the other donations that we receive.

Programs like the Hospitality Center in clubhouse 6, the tax preparation program, the paper shredding program, the battery recycling program and the mobility aid program are all examples of GAF’s efforts. All of these programs are provided to residents free of charge, with the GAF picking up the tab.

The driving force for the Golden Age Foundation is in the mission statement to improve life in Leisure World.

The GAF is always accepting donations, both large and small. If you’re making your will or trust and want to help make LeisureWorld a better place, consider including the GAF. We appreciate every donation because every gift helps us achieve our goal.

LWers are invited to consider becoming members and helping GAF make Leisure World better. Nothing happens in our organization without the dedication and effort of our volunteers. They are the heart and soul of the Golden Age Foundation.

The Foundation’s Tax ID is 23-7273105; it can be reached at P.O. Box 2369, Seal Beach, CA 90740

For more information go to www.goldenagefdn.org or leave a message at (562) 431-9589.

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