2022 Donation Presentations

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Filipino Association of Leisure World Present Annual Donation

Leisure World Korean Community Church Support Centenarian Event


Filipino Association of Leisure World Present Annual Donation

Filipino Association of Leisure World (FALW) was established in August 2009. The mission was to build a better relationship in a diverse community. It is a non-profit charitable organization geared to support the needs of the Leisure World community.

The main objective is to help Golden Age Foundation programs in assisting the needs of the community. At present, there are 63 paid and active members of the association. To be a member you must be a bona fide resident of Leisure World.

Anna Derby, president of Golden Age Foundation graciously accepted the donation of $1,000 from the Filipino Association of Leisure World, Harry Varnas, treasurer of FALW.

FALW has two fundraising events in a year, Annual Luau-Dinner Dance in September and Valentines Ball in February. FALW supports and hosts the annual picnic for all veterans residing in Leisure World. Even during these difficult times, FALW continuously made its annual donation to GAF.

FALW renounces violence as an instrument of organizational policy and adheres to a policy of peace, justice, freedom, cooperation and unity with all organizations and individuals.

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Leisure World Korean Community Church Support Centenarian Event

Golden Age Foundation invited those 99 years or older turning 100 in 2022 to a visit at their residency by the GAF volunteers honoring the Leisure World Seal Beach Centenarians. 

The volunteers brought a bright moment to the Centenarians’ life’s journey and celebrated their presence here in our community as some of the many things that make Leisure World a great place to live. The Golden Age Foundation would like took the time to acknowledge their special day by visiting and providing a special lunch for them and a friend or family member.  A gift bag, and a smile from one of our Golden Age Volunteers occurred on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 between 11:00 – 12:30.

In that gift bag, they received a Centenarian Certificate issued by the City of Seal Beach,  a bouquet of flowers, a gift card from Sprouts for $25 which was donated by the City of Seal Beach. To sponsor the centenarian event, City of Seal Beach employees “Jean Thursday” raised funds. 

Leisure World Korean Community Church sponsored the Centenarian Event by adding to the gift bag gift cards for centenarians to celebrate the community event. Each centenarian received a $25 gift card from Ralph’s to help with their groceries.

Photo from L to R – Elder Henry Kim, Anna Derby President of GAF, Reverend Jang Y. Yong

Special lunches for two were donated by the Golden Age Foundation and volunteers visited their residence with all these gifts and lunches for two. 

Additionally, GAF worked with their family to gather their story covering more than 100 years witnessing unimaginable history and unique family. The remarkable life story to share with neighbors and friends in Leisure World celebrating the resilience, happiness, and healthy living they exemplified to all that know you. 

The L.W. Korean Community Church has been supporting the Golden Age Foundation since 2017, when they moved to Leisure World. 

LWKCC has been celebrating Sunday Worship every week starting 11:50 a.m. in the main sanctuary. Saturday early morning worship is at 7:00 a.m.

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