2022 Gifts Given by GAF

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GAF Donates $1,500 to Meals On Wheels Long Beach on behalf of Sunshine Club

Golden Age Foundation Supports The Council on Aging

GAF Presents Gift to Alzheimer’s OC

Golden Age Grant to the Leisure World Historical Society

Golden Age Foundation Donated to Pathways for Their Services to L.W Shareholders

First Ever Korean CERT Training and Vests Sponsored by GAF

GAF Presents Funds to Support Meals on Wheels

GAF Donates $1,500 to Meals On Wheels Long Beach on behalf of Sunshine Club

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach (MOWLB) began delivering to the Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB) community in 2013. Over the past nine years our program staff and volunteers have been honored to serve the amazing residents of LWSB. Each weekday, two freshly prepared meals; a hot dinner, complete lunch, dessert, and a beverage are delivered to our program members with a “friendly visit” & “wellness check”. Deliveries are made by caring and trained community volunteers. Volunteers provide a valuable social connection for those homebound residents who are isolated and alone. The goal for MOWLB is to help our clients remain safe, socially connected, and nourished at home for as long as possible.    

L to R: Noreen Evans, MOWLB volunteer, Anna Derby, GAF president, Rhonda Fox, Administrative Assistant, Bill Cruikshank, Executive Director of MOWLB,  Heeja Alameida, GAF CFO, presents a check $1,500 to MOWLB to help L.W shareholders who are in needs. 

The program is available to all Leisure World residents who are having difficulty preparing or shopping for meals due to the aging process, an illness, recent surgery, or a chronic health condition. Donations from the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) are directed to the neediest residents in Leisure World, covering the daily fee for qualified, low-income residents.

The Golden Age Foundation is an independent nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to serving the residents of Seal Beach Leisure World. Its purpose is to make our community a better and happier place in which to live. The Foundation was established in 1973 and is not affiliated with the Golden Rain Foundation. 

Because the Golden Age Foundation has been recognized as a nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service, in most cases contributions made to it qualify for exemption from income taxes.

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Golden Age Foundation Supports

The Council on Aging

Thriving At All Ages with the Council on Aging 

October 1st to 10th is Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week. The Council on Aging-Southern California is pleased to support this movement focused on raising awareness about the importance of good mental across the lifespan. People of all ages benefit from some common tenets of wellness, but the specific ways that wellness and resilience are supported change throughout the years.

The Council on Aging – Southern California (COASC) is a trusted 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports older and disabled adults, their caregivers, and their families throughout Southern California. COASC has been a dependable source of unbiased information, specialized programs, services, and resources since 1973. The agency serves over 100,000 older adults and caregivers annually.

Improving Health and Wellness with the ReConnect Program

In May 2022, COASC entered the Leisure World’s Members Resource and Assistance Liaison Collaborative Partnership designed to support the health and wellness of Leisure World residents. Currently, COASC’s ReConnect Early Intervention Services for Older Adults (EISOA) Program has two dedicated staff members– a bilingual English/Spanish Social Worker, and a bilingual English/Korean Case Manager offering supportive services on-site (services are also available in Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Japanese by request). The team brings in-home screening services (depression, anxiety, substance misuse, and cognitive screenings) complex case management services, health navigation, coordination of care, outpatient therapy, and caregiver/family support to the community. These social services are focused on assisting Leisure World Seal Beach members navigate major life transitions, prevent problems from getting worse, and address physical, environmental, social, and mental health barriers to independence and overall wellbeing. Services are available at no-cost to all Leisure World Seal Beach residents. 

Enhancing Quality of Life supported by the Golden Age Foundation

On September 29th, 2022, The Golden Age Foundation presented the Council on Aging-Southern California with a $20,000 check to support the expansion of holistic services in the community. With these funds, COASC will enhance senior engagement and start offering culturally and linguistically appropriate group activities tailored to the Leisure World Seal Beach residents. 

Reach Out Today

Good mental health and wellbeing start at home. Reach out today to the Council on Aging team at Leisure World Seal Beach by calling the Members Resource and Assistance Liaison office and requesting services at (562) 431-6586 ext. 317. To find out more information and how to get involved visit us at www.coasc.org/reconnect 

The ReConnect EISOA program is partially funded by the OC Health Care Agency (HCA), Mental Health and Recovery Services, Mental Health Services Act/Prop. 63.

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Truth be told, there are many people and families impacted by memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline living in Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB).  Some of these individuals are living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia.   These chronic conditions often result in social, emotional, and financial challenges that impacts individuals, family members, neighbors, as well as the community at large.  With a $20,000 grant from the Golden Age Foundation (GAF), Alzheimer’s Orange County (AlzOC) is now funded to bring more services to LWSB beginning this Fall, providing hope and assistance for those concerned with or impacted by memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline.

GAF Presents Gift to Alzheimer’s OC

Making a difference for 40 years

In 1982 a small group of women that knew firsthand the challenges of dementia saw a need and sought to fill it. Unified by their shared experiences of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and a common goal to bring relief and support to others like them they founded the nonprofit that would become AlzOC.

AlzOC is an experienced partner that walks hand in hand with Orange County residents to help navigate the journey of memory loss and cognitive decline. Our Helpline is staffed by dementia care specialists who provide personal guidance and assistance suited to each person’s needs. Our support groups bring people together to connect, share and find solutions. We offer free classes that empower and provide support for caregivers and others from the early stages all the way through bereavement.  Practically speaking, the $20,000 grant from GAF enables AlzOC to begin offering in-person care consultation, community education, and support groups this Fall.  Our newest initiative, pioneering a community-based dementia care navigation service in LWSB, is funded primarily by a federal grant.  The implementation of this novel, evidence-based program, is projected to begin in early 2023.    These services along with many others have transformed AlzOC into a multifaceted, independent nonprofit that supports over 30,000 people in Orange County annually.

Reducing your risk

Anyone can work on reducing their risk of cognitive decline. Making sure you’re getting enough quality sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying physically and socially active are just a few, but important ways to keep your mind fit and follow a healthy-brain lifestyle regardless of your age.

Action is crucial 

Our life-changing services go beyond just Alzheimer’s. Our expertise and services support those affected by Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, promote brain health for all, and are aimed at cultivating healthy aging. Remember, you are not alone. The earlier you seek support, the sooner we can help lessen the burden your journey may bring. If you have a question, concern or would simply like to learn more, call 844-373-4400 to speak to a dementia care specialist or visit www.alzoc.org

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Golden Age Grant to the Leisure World Historical Society

by Margaret Gillon, President, Leisure World Historical Society.

The Leisure World Historical Society was founded in 1993 by two History Professors, Kenneth and Claire Walker. The Walkers moved into Leisure World when Kenneth inherited his parent’s unit purchased when Leisure World opened in 1962. The Historical Society founders immediately began the process of becoming a California 501c3 educational non-profit and were granted non-profit status in 1995. The Historical Society’s mission is to preserve the history of Leisure World and to educate Leisure World residents, and interested outsiders, about that history.

Golden Age Board members Anna Derby and Diana Lambert presenting a check to Margaret Gillon and Linda Johnson of the Leisure World Historical Society.

In August 2006 Dr Judith Trolander came to the Historical Society while researching her book “From Sun Cities to The Villages: A History of Active Adult, Age-Restricted Communities” and was able to use the Historical Society archives for her research. Her book was published in 2011 and contains a complete history of Leisure World Seal Beach. Photos of co-founder Kenneth Walker and interviews with members of the Historical Society are included in the book. This book is available to read at the Leisure World Library.

Since 2014 the Historical Society has been working to digitize materials that are disintegrating so they will be available to future generations. We have converted movies from fading VHS tapes to digital files and posted them on our YouTube.com channel. We have scanned over 5,000 old documents and converted them to PDF so they can be searched and read on-screen. We are in the process of digitizing the first 30 years of Golden Rain newspapers from microfilm into PDF files. This conversion will be completed by the end of 2022.

It takes computers with special software to convert these media. After the conversion large amounts of computer space are needed to store the digital films, newspapers, and documents. Over the years we have used old computers and the personal computers of volunteers to do this work. Our computers are failing and we have run out of storage space for the finished files.

In January of 2022 the Golden Age Foundation reviewed the work of the Historical Society and the scope of the historical information we have preserved for the community. Golden Age has generously given the Historical Society a $10,000 grant to install new work desks, computers with giant monitors, and a server large enough to hold all our precious files. This year is Leisure World’s 60th anniversary. This generous gift paves the way for Leisure World residents another 60 years from now to enjoy and celebrate the archives being preserved for them.

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Golden Age Foundation Donated to Pathways for Their Services to L.W Shareholders

The Golden Age Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to serving the special needs of our shareholders and residents. The Foundation was established in 1973 by members of the Board of Directors of the Golden Rain Foundation.

from L to R: Vickie Kaefer, Associate Executive Director, Anna Derby, GAF president and  Tammie Ottenad, Program Manager

The Golden Age Foundation made a generous donation to Pathways in support of all the work they do here in Leisure World.  Pathways is the “trusted friend” you need when something challenging comes your way.  They find solutions that enable you to stay safe and independent in your home for as long as possible.  In a recent conversation with Robann Arshat, GAF Member Resource and Assistance Liaison, she shared “Pathways is my go-to Agency when someone is struggling.”   

The money donated will go towards assisting Pathways when they come out to the shareholders home and complete a Care Navigation Assessment.  They look at all the ways you are living and create an individualized Plan of Care to provide you with what you need.  They also help you think of how to best prepare for the future.  If you choose to utilize these resources, they also help you connect to the service.  For example, if you qualify for In-Home Supportive Services (free caregiving), they don’t just give you the paperwork, they help you fill it out and get it to the appropriate people.  

In addition to the in-home support, they are also providing a grief support group at the health center, and they will be providing ongoing educational workshops as well.  

 “Our desire is to empower older adults to know what’s available and how to get the help they need”, stated Tammie Ottenad the Program Manager at Pathways.  If you would like to learn more about their Agency, or talk to them about your needs, please give them a call at 562/531-3031.  There’s no cost for their services.

The GAF’s purpose is to make our community a better and happier place in which to live. Through the generosity of individuals in our community, we are able to provide various programs and projects. All Golden Age programs are provided free to Leisure World shareholders, and the Foundation is entirely staffed by resident volunteers. Our major income source is contributions from shareholders, either individually or through clubs and organizations.

For more information, www.GoldenAgeFdn.org

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First Ever Korean CERT Training and Vests Sponsored by the GAF

The first ever Korean speaking Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training in Leisure World occurred early spring 2021. Thirteen Korean/American Leisure World residents and two interpreters graduated the class.

A custom CERT vest was designed for the Korean speaking group to better serve the Korean/American population and to increase Korean/American CERT volunteer interest and participation. We must make Leisure World’s population understand that we live in a disaster prone area were we might have to survive on our own without help from first responders for up to two weeks, it will all come down to neighbors helping neighbors. The CERT training will be invaluable.   

The custom vests reflect a large CERT logo on the back side followed by word K-CERT in charcoal gray and a yellow LW-CERT logo spelled in Korean. The purchase of the custom vests was made possible with donation from the Golden Age Foundation.

A big thank you for the Golden Age Foundation for their continued support to the CERT community, and for building a strong disaster resilient community.

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GAF Presents Funds to Support Meals on Wheels

More than 100 of Leisure World’s most vulnerable residents got some much-needed help to stay healthy during COVID-related restrictions, thanks to the Golden Age Foundation.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, the GAF, known for supporting all manner of helpful programs in LW, has contributed over $100,000 to support local Meals on Wheels programs. These programs provide isolated residents with nourishing meals and visits from friendly volunteers.

Last week, the GAF gave another $31,500 to Meals on Wheels of Long Beach and Orange County to help residents fight food insecurity. 

Since March 2020, Meals on Wheels of Long Beach has delivered over 94,800 freshly prepared meals to LW residents. 

MOWLB began serving LW residents in 2013. Over the past eight years, the service has steadily grown. MOWOC began service in 2006 in Leisure World.  The two programs are separate but they mirror each other in services provided.

About 120 LW residents receive two freshly prepared meals—a hot dinner, complete lunch, dessert and beverage—every weekday. Trained volunteers deliver meals and spend a little time with clients who are often isolated and alone. 

The goal is to help everyone remain safe, socially connected and well-nourished at home for as long as possible.

The programs are available to all LWers who are having difficulty cooking or shopping for meals due to an illness, recent surgery or are homebound due the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations from the GAF are directed to the neediest residents in Leisure World, covering the daily fee for qualified, low-income residents.

Bill Cruikshank joined MOWLB in 2010 as operations director and has served as executive director since 2013. He began his nonprofit career over 40 years ago, working in administration with chemical dependency treatment and job training programs for adults and youth.

Darla Olson is vice president, advancement, of MOWOC. She reports that the nonprofit has been erasing hunger and isolation for at-risk older adults for 54 years. Its overall goals are combating the three biggest threats to this group: malnourishment, isolation and loss of independence.

Older adults make up the fastest growing age group in Orange County, and by 2050, residents over 65 will account for nearly 25 percent of the county’s entire population, according to MOWOC.

In recent years, an alarming 29 percent of low-income older adults in Orange County have reported being food insecure, according to a 2016-2018 California Health Interview Survey.

Of all MOWOC clients, 77 percent live at or below the federal poverty level, 60 percent are disabled, and 52 percent live alone.

The MOW programs are grateful to the Golden Age Foundation for its partnership and support in providing the valuable service to their neighbors.

“No one should go hungry in our wonderful community,” said GAF President Anna Derby. 

If you or someone you know is having an issue getting food, call Robann Arshat, GRF member resources liaison, at (562) 431-6586, ext. 317, for help.

For more information about the MOWLB program, visit MOWLB.org or call Caron Adler at (562) 439-5000, ext. 1. 

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