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AARP Tax-Aide Program for Tax Tear 2021

March 8th Shredding Event Very Successful


AARP Tax-Aide Program for Tax Year 2021

The AARP Tax-Aide Program sponsored by the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) began Monday, February 7, 2022, through Wednesday, April 13, 2022.  Volunteers prepared and e-filed returns on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. 

Residents picked up their tax packet at the Leisure World Library.  All forms were to be completed before coming to the appointment.  

At the appointment, masks were required. Residents were interviewed on the patio of Clubhouse 3 outside of the new Knowledge and Learning Center across from the Library.  After the interview, taxpayers were asked to wait in their car or an adjacent area for the return to be prepared and quality reviewed.  After the return was completed, it was reviewed with the resident and the signature was obtained on the documents that allow the return to be  e-filed.  

The following records were required to be brought to the appointment, if they were applicable to you:

  • Social Security card 
  • Government issued ID or Leisure World photo ID
  • Copy of 2019 and 2020 Federal and State returns
  • Forms W-2
  • Forms 1099 for interest, dividends, pensions, social security benefits, sales of stocks
  • Forms 1095A/CA3895 Healthcare Subsidy Forms if you had Covered Care Medical Insurance through California
  • Letter 6475 from IRS showing the amount of your 2021 Economic Impact Payment
  • Amount of California Golden State Stimulus I and II Payment(s) received 
  • Copy of a voided check, if you want a refund to be deposited or a direct debit from your checking account

We cannot prepare returns that are Out-of-Scope for our program.  You must be a resident of California for the full year.  If married, you must file Married Filing Jointly.   We cannot prepare returns with Rental Property, Self-employed returns with a net loss or expenses exceeding $35,000, and sale of anything other than California residence, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  

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March 8th Shredding Event Very Successful

The Golden Age Foundation “Shredding Event” on March 8th was a huge success.

In the last 6-7 years of shredding events, we haven’t seen so many cars coming without any breaks, steadily for two hours. The volunteers worked so hard to keep up with shredding on the site and finally less than a half-hour left, they were able to keep up with the flow of cars.

The “Drop and Go” method worked extremely well. Residents didn’t even need to get out of their cars.  GAF volunteers retrieved the items from the resident’s cars, which made it so much easier on everyone.  This method will probably continue since it is working so well.

Our truck driver, Manny was so helpful.  It was a constant flow of cars dropping off their items to be shredded.  There were over 450 cars/carts who were served.

Photo caption: GAF Board and volunteers the Shredding Service in CH 2. Not pictured is Ren Villanueva, a previous GAF Board member who volunteers most shredding services.

A reminder for the next shredding event in July 12th, 2022.

Please do not bring batteries to the event.  There are buckets behind Building 5 where the batteries can be disposed.

For the next shredding, we ask the community please put all your shredding in paper bags only with the papers to be shredded visible. Please do not put your shredding in plastic bags to prevent any potential fire accident in the truck. No boxes, please. Mobile Shredding Company has asked us to untie the the packages to prevent truck fire.

Our appreciation goes to new volunteers Dave Forney and Teresa Danton for their services, it couldn’t come a better time to have a great help when we needed badly. While GAF volunteers felt a shortage of help untying those plastic bags, Jeri and Ted Nowell from the Mutual Five jumped in to help the situation and GAF Board would like to thank them for their impromptu services for us. 

Thank you again to the community for their generosity at this event.  Donations are gratefully accepted and are used to fund the GAF programs.  GAF is a 501 c3 nonprofit foundation.

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