Florence Gordon

The story about Florence Gordon by herself, 

 Florence Gordon was born in North Ireland in 1920.  She went to a country school, through field’s where they had to run from bulls and cows, as it was so far going by road. She became a cook in the NAAFI, Navy, Army, Air Force Institute in the British Armed Forces.  Later she became a special car wiring expert in a auto assembly line, even teaching others how to do it, she did that in Ireland. 

She moved to Scotland where she became a head waitress. Later she moved to Canada doing all kinds of jobs of which she attended a Hair-dressing school and became a beautician, made enough cash to move the family to the United States. 

 She found a job as a waitress in the Sky Room, Long Beach during the evening while her day job was at the John Tillman company working on leather goods. 

Her husband worked at Disneyland as a foreman. Both of them became US Citizens. 

She has lived in Leisure World for so long, she can’t remember the date. Her husband and she have two sons, Ian and George. They have 4 grandchildren and half dozen great-grandchildren. Her driver’s license is still valid but she gave up driving her car a year ago.  She is  proud to be celebrating my 102 birthday on March 31, 2022

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