Hospitality Reopens Monday thru Friday.

Golden Age Foundation is excited about reopening hospitality daily from 9 to 11 a.m. in Clubhouse 6. We are looking forward to serving our friends and neighbors coffee and cookies and getting back to the good times.

The hospitality counter is fully staffed and will be open Monday thru Friday from 9-11 a.m.

Come on down and join us for coffee (bring your mug) and let’s get the smiles and laughter back!

If you are interested in volunteering one morning a week to serve coffee and have fun, please call Carl Kennedy, Golden Age Foundation, Hospitality Chair at 661-810-9410.

Hospitality celebrates 20 years Anniversary

The Golden Age Foundation’s Hospitality Program is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Back in 1999, when the program first started, hospitality was held in the CH3 lobby.  It was originally the brainstorm of Julie Holbrook, now Emeritus Member of GAF.  The original Chair and Co Chair were Fran Barisof and Joan Shramek.  Fran bought all of the goodies to be served and Joan organized the staffing of the program.  When CH6 was built, hospitality moved over to its current home on the first floor. 

Hospitality is a great place to meet up with friends—-or meet new friends.  The coffee is hot, the cookies are sweet and the volunteers are friendly.  You can recognize the volunteers  by their red vests and their smiling faces.  All residents and caregivers are welcome to come and enjoy this friendly atmosphere Monday thru Friday from 9-11 AM.  For added enjoyment, there has also been a little entertainment from time to time. 

Stop in on Friday and meet Lita Lewis, our 20 year veteran of the Hospitality Program.  Lita has been volunteering since the beginning in one capacity or another.  She is the team leader on Friday, has picked up donations from Starbucks and other locations.  In the past, She also picked up pizza from Pizza Hut to serve on Friday.  She will turn 90 next year and still enjoys her “Friday Gig”.  Thanks so much to Lita!  Anyone who is inspired by Lita and wants to volunteer for hospitality, call 562-221-3008 and ask for Martha.

The Golden Age Foundation Board Hospitality Chairs were/are Fran Barisof, Joan Shramek, Jim Connelly, Linda Johnson, Sandra Massa Lavitt, Gail Levitt, Carl Kennedy, Martha Goossens.  Sadly, 2 of the chairs are no longer with us:  Fran Barisof and Jim Connelly.

Two ladies who were so instrumental in really keeping the Hospitality program on track are Anat Ben Aziz and Dottie Dickerson.  They assisted Sandra Massa Lavitt during her term as board chair. Both ladies were wonderful leaders and had innovative ideas.  Thanks to them and thanks to all who serve as Hospitality volunteers.  It can’t run without you…AND it cant be a success without you and the many guests who visit the Hospitality Center.

Come down to CH6 to partake in a little cookie, a little coffee and a whole lot of conversation and laughter (the latter provided by our guests).  The Golden Age Foundation is happy to sponsor this event and it is thanks to those who donate to this non-profit organization that we are able to continue.  Thank you to our donors.  We look forward to funding this program for the next 20 years. 

Hospitality Committee
Hospitality Committee