Jerry Uva

Leisure World Centenarian Mutual 2

by Terri Uva, daughter

Jerry Uva is looking forward to celebrating his 103rd Birthday in March.  He was born and raised in Newark New Jersey, his father Emelio came to the US from Italy.  He met Jerry’s mother Rose who was a widow with 6 children, they married and had 4 children together, 10 children total!  Jerry met his wife Bea they married, and soon after he went into the Army in 1942.

During WWII he was a Platoon Sergeant (T SGT) in the 9th Division under General George Patton, he was at D-Day, Battle of the Bulge and all over Europe and Africa.  He was wounded and received 3 Purple Hearts, a Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of 5 Bronze Stars.  When WWII was over and he got out of the army, he moved his family from New Jersey to Southern California.

He was employed in the aerospace industry where he worked in Planning and Production Control  and retired from Rockwell/Boeing after 34 years. He and his wife had five children, three girls and two boys.  They took a few trips to Hawaii, Mexico and different parts of the United States.  They also enjoyed going to Las Vegas a few times a year (their best friends lived there).  He and his wife were married 67 years when she passed in 2008.

His children continued to take him to Las Vegas till he was 100 years old!  He has lived with his youngest daughter for the last 11 years, the last 7 ½ in Leisure World Mutual 2.  He enjoys a good action movie, giving to different charities and visiting with his family.

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