Mark Glickman

Mark Glickman, from Mutual Two, 

Mark Glickman is living proof that he is part of the Greatest Generation, men and women who served and lived through World War II. His duty was in the Army detached 20th Air force. Mark doesn’t talk about birthdays, he rather acknowledges his experiences because life is too short and he is too busy singing and dancing. 

Born in Chicago area, he came from a poor family. He laughs to tell the story of working for the city as a teenager for 19 cents an hour putting glue on large sheets where eventually the sheets were cut into tiny squares and the squares became windshield stickers for Automobile licenses. Another unusual job Mark had was working at the Wall Street Journal’s in print department. 

Mark learned to read music and play the piano from a friend in the Ben Bullocks band. He played at all the hotels in Santa Monica.  He trained at the Veloz and Yolanda dance studio in Los Angeles. He became a Fred Astaire studio dance instructor of the Rumba, Cha-cha, Tango and the Waltz for many years. 

Mark in the past has owned a Culver City nightclub, a Beer Bar in Los Angeles and Appliance store in Long Beach. He came to Leisure World in 1988 and has been a Mutual 2 building captain ever since. 

Also in the past He has the honor to won the Orange County Senior Music contest with his authentic singing rendition of Maurice Chevalier. 

Mark, with a sparkle in his eyes sang the French song to me unaccompanied perfectly.  His stage name is Mark Gilbert. Happy Centenarian birthday this year Mark with music always in your heart.

Talked and typed by Joanna Matos, Mark’s neighbor

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