Recycle Program

How to Recycle Your Used Batteries in L.W.

Batteries are just a fact of life.  We all use them.  Sooner or later they die.  In the past we would all just dump them into the trash and forget about them.  That was before we knew better.  Now we do.   

Batteries can be full of nasty chemicals that if thrown away will eventually leach into our groundwater.  The expensive chemicals that are in the used batteries are lost and have to be replaced.  So recycling your batteries just makes a whole lot of sense. 

 Here in Leisure World, recycling your small batteries is inexpensive and easy.   The Golden Age Foundation, the local charitable nonprofit organization in Leisure World, picks up the tab for the cost of the recycling.  Last year that tab amounted to $3,234.81.

The Golden Age Foundation in Leisure World offers a variety of ways to recycle everything from batteries to bulbs at normal times.  But since lockdowns began in mid March,  no place offered for shareholders to bring used batteries like they used to have in CH 6 Hospitality Center and News office.

From the latest GAF Shredding Service in July and November,  it was brought to attention that a central location for used batteries is necessary in our community. 

 With the cooperation of GRF Recreation and GAF sponsors this program,  shareholders can bring their used batteries to Building Five outside in the alley by Copy and Supply’s back door, not in the hallway. But no ink cartridges or printer toners please. 

Golden Age Foundation asks shareholders to hold following items until these lockdowns would be over:  Fluorescent/LED bulbs, Computers and monitors, televisions, microwave ovens, hair dryers, telephones and other electronic waste (e-waste).

If it was ordinary times, GAF would ask shareholders to drop off at Maintenance Yard or collection truck outside of Maintenance yard, but due to Covid 19, all these services have been haltered until further notice. 

Furniture, mattresses and other large items may be disposed of at bins in Leisure World. They are located at the northwest corner of L.W.  Go North on Oak Hills Drive, turn right in the Mini Farms and use the resident recycling containers. 

Make sure items are placed in the bins. There is a $35 per item fine for things left in and around bin areas. If in doubt, ask a building captain or a mutual director.

More information, call Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339.

Golden Age Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving the special needs of our shareholders and residents.

Its purpose is to make our community a better and happier place in which to live. When there is a well-defined need calling for a solution, Golden Age will fit it whenever possible.

Golden Age Foundation 501(c)(3) Tax ID is  23-7273105.

If you need more information, please call (562) 431-9589.