Ruth Bearman

Ruth Elaine Scrivner was born in Kuna, Idaho on Feb 6, 1921 one of the seven children born to William Troy and  Alice Elvida Scrivner.  She had one older brother and three older sisters. She also had twin younger sisters.

The family moved to Long Beach. When Ruth was very young, they lived in tents at the beach at first, until her father could find a place to stay.  They eventually settled down in a home on Pine Blvd. Ruth remembers walking to the beach with her sisters to spend the day. This was before the breakwater, and Ruth remembered the waves were as “big as a house”.  It was during this time that Ruth’s mother was diagnosed with serious illness. Shortly after moving to California, the Scrivner clan became members of the First Christian Church of Long Beach, where they remained members for many years.  The Church quickly became a source of fellowship where Ruth spent much of her time with the family and made many friends.

One afternoon on a nice March day in 1933, the Scrivers world changed again.  An earthquake of 6.4 struck, and  the epicenter was not far from their home. The foundation of the house fell, no electricity and the weather was cold.  They even slept at a camp near the beach for several days and cooked outside with the wind blowing. Then, there was a radio broadcast of a Tsunami coming to Long Beach, so the whole family moved to a higher hillside. With all the prayers the Tsunami didn’t occur. 

Ruth graduated in Long Beach Polytechnic High School. 

She was introduced by a family friend to Kenneth A Beaman during a church function. They were married in 1931. After a few years Kenneth was drafted and stationed at the  Presidio in San Francisco. While living in Sausalito, California, Ruth had her first GI baby girl Sandra Lee on 

12 /2/1944.  Ruth great memories was standing on the Golden Gate Bridge welcoming soldiers coming home after the war’s end. After the war,  Beaman family settled down in Long Beach,  buying a home not far from the traffic circle.  They stayed there until the second child was born, Baby Bob on 12/14/1951. Kenneth worked for the City of Long Beach and Ruth worked in several jobs while her mother- in- law  Lydia watched the kids.

  It was not easy, but the family strived to live as a family and  enjoyed quality time together, going to church, beaches, national parks , camping, parties and enjoyed sports and games.

As  years went by, kids had grown up and finished school and,  started a life of their own.  Ken retired  and Ruth started working at a local insurance and was an active member and president of Insurance Women of Long Beach. In 1982,  they came to Leisure World Community, Seal Beach and  bought an apartment in Mutual 6 and have lived in Leisure World ever since. 

In Ruth’s words, they were blessed to have a safe place in Leisure World and they joined in several clubs. They traveled many countries and the different states of the United States.  Ruth is very creative in painting, ceramics, needlework and flower gardening .  She arranged flowers for her First Christian church of Leisure World and assisted in many church functions. 

Ken passed away in  2004.  Ruth then devoted herself to the Lord by going to church, bible classes and enjoyed life to the fullest. Ruth has two children. Sandra and Robert. She also has three grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  Sandra became the managing Librarian at the Valley Center Library. She passed away in 2012.

Ruth’s  few words are “ GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME,  thank you GAF-GRF from the bottom of my heart for your gifts and love to me.

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